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Guide to Commissioning Artwork ...
Commissioning Artwork, Daryl Zang of Zang Studios

Guide to Commissioning Artwork

Thank you for choosing to commission original art. This guide will hopefully answer all of your questions and give you a better understanding of the commission process. I work closely with my clients to create the perfect piece for each unique commission. A successful portrait accurately represents its subject and reflects the individual's personality and spirit. A portrait should capture its subject at this specific time and be most representative of this moment. It is an honor to be able to create original artwork for each of my clients.


A Guide to Commissioning Artwork

Step 1. Collaboration:

We will first connect and discuss your ideas.

Step 2. Photos and Payment:

I use my own reference photos so we will need to schedule an appointment for a photo shoot. At the shoot, we will review the commission contract and payment schedule.

Step 3. Sketches and Approval:

The photos from our shoot will be used to create a sketch that will communicate the direction of the final work. The sketch will not show full detail but will convey a good sense of the final composition. All sketches remain property of the artist. Your written approval will be confirmed before work begins and a 50% non-refundable deposit will be collected.

Step 4. Work Begins:

Every project is different. We will discuss the planned timeline in advance. Some work takes more time depending on the size and detail of your commission. You will always be updated as things progress.

Step 5. Delivery and Payment:

When your work is ready to leave my studio we will schedule a delivery date. If the work needs to be shipped, final payment will be made in advance. Clients are responsible for shipping and insurance costs.

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Pricing Guidance

Pricing is determined at the planning stages of our collaboration and will be agreed upon before a deposit is paid. Variables such as the size of the artwork and additional figures will affect the final price.

Framing, shipping, insurance (if necessary), and applicable sales tax are not included in the final price. Pricing is good for 30 days upon receipt of the final proposal. Commission requests begin with a single figure, head or face only.