About Zang Studios
My first real contact with art came early in life ...
about Daryl Zang and Zang Studios


I honestly don't remember a time when art was not a part of my life. I was born in New York City and as a child my mother often took me to visit the galleries of the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum. I have always loved figurative art and earned a BFA at Syracuse University and through study in Florence, Italy.

My painting career truly came into focus after the birth of my first child. Ironically, at this time, I found it unthinkable that I would have the time or energy to take painting seriously. I found an escape in my studio and turned to self-portraiture to make sense of this new phase of life. I created imagery that was honest and infused with a female perspective.

As my life evolved, so did my work. My subject matter expanded along with my curiosity about the process of making art. I have explored creating less traditional work and experimented with different mediums. The one constant that has remained true through the years is that art has continued to be my escape and my way of observing the world around me.

The future holds much to explore as I use my artwork to reflect my experiences and tell the stories I find most intriguing. My goal as an artist is to continue to make work that is interesting, beautiful, and always evolving.

– Daryl Zang