In my studio I have a box of photographs of someone I don’t know. I know the people who loved her, they say I loved her too. Once, I sat in her lap, she kissed my forehead but I don’t remember any of it. I am surrounded by her things, a haunting co-existence, always reminding me of my betrayal.

Being Yourself

In Her Skin (2)

Today I shipped one of my latest paintings, “In Her Skin”, off to RJD Gallery. The title is a reference to being comfortable in your own skin and the intent of this work was to send a message about being true to yourself. This is something I feel I’ve been struggling with artistically recently.  I have been wanting to try new things in the studio lately and do some experimenting but have chickened out several times. While my next painting will be different, “In Her Skin” is one of my new favorites. I will always look to this work to be reminded to be brave and just be myself.

“In Her Skin” will be included in RJD Gallery’s 2015 Women Painting Women show this fall. You are invited to RJD Gallery in Sag Harbor, NY to see it on display October 10 – November 8, 2015.

Principle Gallery, Charleston

The following work is available now through Principle Gallery, Charleston. Please direct any inquiries to the gallery by emailing or calling 843-727-4500.

Thank you!

Tossed and Turned, 30×36″, Oil on Canvas

Sun Kissed 32×36, oil on canvas

Clarity 48×48, oil on canvas

Gratitude 24×28, Oil on Canvas


AttitudeThe painting “Attitude” came about kind of unexpectedly. As I held this beautifully reflective tube of luscious red lipstick, I started thinking about the power this color holds. The bad girl imagery goes perfectly with this bold, seductive, and jealousy invoking red. It is not the color to stain your lips if you’re feeling shy. It’s the color to choose if you want to feel irresistible and invincible. The perfect color for a girl with attitude.

Fall show, “Becoming”


This fall I will have a solo showing of my artwork at St. Peter’s Church in NYC.  The exhibit, titled “Becoming”, represents a huge milestone for me personally beyond any of the artistic triumph of being asked to do a solo show at all and in Manhattan no less.  The 16 paintings that will be on display reveal the personal journey I have taken over the last ten years.  As a new young mother, I used my studio as an escape, I painted only for myself as a way to maintain my identity.  My entire goal was just not to quit.  Despite the sleepless nights and unpredictable days I continued to find time to paint, drawing inspiration from my journal thoughts and personal experience.  Now that life has settled into a rhythm and I am able to fill more of my days with painting I am amazed at what I have actually accomplished.  The timing of this show could not have worked out more perfectly if I had written the script myself.  On August 27 I will get my boys ready for the first day of school, sending my youngest off to his first day of first grade.  At the same time my paintings will be carried into the gallery space at St. Peter’s to be installed for the show.  In one morning I will have crossed both a finish line and a starting line, still devoted to my children but ready to begin a new chapter of my life and art.

Family History


“Guardian”  oil on canvas  36″x 48″

I’ve worked for years on a long series of motherhood paintings, all addressing my experience with pregnancy and life at home as a mother.  My two sons are getting older now and I often reflect on the journey I’ve taken, the things I’ve collected along the way, and how both define who I am today.

As I rediscover mementos from my own past, collect souvenirs and pack away the things my children have outgrown I realize that our possessions can define certain moments in our lives.  What we chose to own and treasure says a lot about our personalities and what we value.

In my home, I have and use many things that link me to the past and represent the women in my family who have influenced who I am.  In this first of a new series of paintings I celebrate the many exceptional qualities of women and want to honor their beauty, strength, and femininity.

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