Celebrating Spring!

The Gift, 32x48", Oil on Canvas

I celebrated a birthday over the weekend and was thinking about this painting, “The Gift”.  This time of year is perfect for a little celebrating.  It marks the beginning of spring, and the color seems to creep back into the world and back into my paintings.  I feel renewed, re-energized, and most importantly happy!

The Gift, 32x48", Oil on Canvas

“The Gift”  oil on canvas  32″x 48″

Elisa Contemporary Art along with Vintology of Scarsdale, NY are celebrating art and romance with a show called “Smitten”.  The show runs from January 14 – February 16 with special champagne tasting events on February 7 and 9.

Growing Up

Fritz at Ten, 28x24", Oil on Canvas

We celebrated my son’s eleventh birthday this past Saturday.  I am amazed at how grown up he is getting even though it feels like he was just a baby not so long ago.  I also began to think about how different I was eleven years ago.  I was blessed with a healthy, beautiful baby and also completely overwhelmed.  I had plans and goals that were completely unrealistic considering that I didn’t even have time to sleep.  Looking back, it was enough just to be able to find the time to paint a little every day.  Now I see that time as a gift I needed although I never could have known it at the time.  I was forced to slow down and re-order my priorities.  I had a lot of time to think about who I wanted to be both as an artist and as a person.  I wouldn’t have found the path I am on today without the experience of motherhood.  I thought I had so many things to teach, but ended up learning so much and being forever changed.

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