Summer On My Mind



As I write this, my outdoor thermometer hovers way below freezing. Despite this chilling fact, I really do like winter. It’s a beautiful season, just a little too gray and white for a painter who loves color. Luckily I planned ahead and am still able to enjoy the season that I think is the most fun to paint! Here are two of my newest works drying in the studio and waiting to be framed. “Limitless” (top) and “Surface”


IMG_6586I always get nervous when school gets out for the summer. For some reason I worry that I won’t get into my studio to work as much as I’d like. This year has been different. My boys are willing subjects for a new series of paintings and we’ve been having a lot of fun exploring the woods, enjoying the sunshine, and the freedom of lazy summer days. They have inspired enough reference photos and sketches for a lifetime’s worth of paintings. They are the most fun and creative studio assistants an artist mom could hope for!



There has been a change happening in my studio lately that I haven’t fully been ready to articulate until now. The ideas that pop into my head are becoming more and more about objects that inspire me. I have come to realize that if I’m going to paint about my life, and my life is changing, that it’s only natural that my artwork should keep up.

I began making figurative self-portraits when I was a new mother and more focused on the physical challenges of everyday and the journey my body had undergone. Now that my children are older, my challenges are more about organization and finding balance. Our calendar is always filled with birthday parties, sports, friends, and family and total chaos seems to always threaten to overtake us. There is beauty to be found in the imperfection though.

In the beyond control moments, hidden in the piles of stuff that seem to accumulate is a silver lining. I’ve started playing an artist’s game, challenging myself to find inspiration in every day. I look for beauty in the accidental arrangements that fall together on my kitchen counter or in the sunlight reflecting off something left outside. I’ve been making small sketches and taking photographs and while 4 out of 5 of these ideas will never become a finished painting, the process has left me feeling happier and less overwhelmed by my list of to-do’s. The studio hasn’t felt this fun and creative in a while. Now all I need are a few more hours in my week!

Celebrating Spring!

The Gift, 32x48", Oil on Canvas

I celebrated a birthday over the weekend and was thinking about this painting, “The Gift”.  This time of year is perfect for a little celebrating.  It marks the beginning of spring, and the color seems to creep back into the world and back into my paintings.  I feel renewed, re-energized, and most importantly happy!

The Gift, 32x48", Oil on Canvas

“The Gift”  oil on canvas  32″x 48″

Elisa Contemporary Art along with Vintology of Scarsdale, NY are celebrating art and romance with a show called “Smitten”.  The show runs from January 14 – February 16 with special champagne tasting events on February 7 and 9.

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