“Contemporary Still Life” at Cavalier Gallery



(Work by Daryl Zang at center and right)


I currently have work hanging in Cavalier Gallery’s “Contemporary Still Life” exhibition in New York.

“January Thaw” and “The Arrangement” can be viewed until April 28, 2017 at 3 West 57th Street, 4th floor, NY.

This show highlights the work of some of today’s leading realist artists whose works honor this traditional theme and explore modern approaches to the subject.

Artists featured in this exhibition include: Michael Aviano, Tommy TC Carlsson, Jenness Cortez, John Darley, Nancy Depew, Scott Duce, Steve Hawley, Joel Carson Jones, Sarah Lamb, Jeffery T. Larson, Edward Minoff, Robert Stark III, Elizabeth Weiss, Daryl Zang, and Robert Zappalorti.