Two steps forward, one step back

My favorite new quote is from Edgar Degas. He once said, “Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do”. Isn’t that the truth! The last two months have been very busy in the studio but also a challenge. I’ve been pushing myself to try new ideas but sometimes they don’t turn out as expected. I’ve had four different paintings going. Two I threw away and two I’ve decided to keep working at. It’s slow going, I’m not the kind of painter who completes something everyday or even every week. Ideally, I’d love to make only 4 or 5 great, great paintings a year but the pace of our world today may not take kindly to that. November isn’t the usual time for resolutions but, I’ve been away from posting for a while now and today seemed like a good day to promise to do a better job of letting everyone know what I’m working on and where I’ve been. Keep checking back, I’m not the best at social media or blogging but every once in a while I’ll treat you to something new, fresh off the easel!