“Principle VI”


I had the opportunity this past weekend to attend the opening of Principle Gallery’s show “Principle VI” at the Vendue in Charleston, SC. It is a great honor to be sharing such a beautiful space with five other talented artists and a proud moment for me to see my newest body of work so well received. I struggled for so long with how to introduce new ideas and processes into my body of work. The worry I had over whether I would lose my audience seems silly now. I have found a renewed sense of energy in the studio, ideas are flowing more easily, I feel more challenged creatively, and seem at long last to finally have truly found my voice.

(My paintings are hanging on the left wall of the gallery in the above photo. The show, “Principle VI”, will be on display through the summer at 26 Vendue, Charleston SC. Principle Gallery can also be reached at 843-727-4500 or art@principlecharleston.com)

“Queen Anne’s Lace and the Last Magical Summer”


If “Sanctuary” was the first step towards a new way of working, “Queen Anne’s Lace and the Last Magical Summer” is the painting that convinced me that there was no turning back.

In the past I have always used reference photos, detailed sketches, and a defined plan for my work. I have always known from the start exactly what each of my paintings would look like completed before they were even begun. This way of working was feeling stale and I knew it had to change.

I started “Queen Anne’s Lace and the Last Magical Summer” with several photo references, my memories of childhood summers, and no plan or expectations. I altered and combined the photographs, sketched only a loose contour drawing, improvised, worked spontaneously, and let things happen, trusting in my artistic instincts.

This painting was a much more satisfying creative journey than I have previously experienced and I believe it proves that working from the heart can produce exceptional results.

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