The Show is Up!


I went into New York yesterday to watch the installation of my new show “Becoming”.  It is such a surreal feeling to have my work take on a life of it’s own.  Up until very recently I thought of myself as a person who just happens to paint in her free time.  Then I realized I was on a train into NYC to  see my work unloaded from a cargo van and unpacked by a gallery owner and hung by an art installer.  The paintings were out of my control, I was there to be photographed and interviewed, but basically an observer of the process.  It was pretty exciting to see my name go up on the wall in vinyl letters – not exactly lights but I’ll take it!  I was thanked and congratulated and overwhelmed by the generosity strangers showed me yesterday.  I could not have gotten to this point alone and am overwhelmingly thankful to everyone in my life who has supported and encouraged me!

Fall show, “Becoming”


This fall I will have a solo showing of my artwork at St. Peter’s Church in NYC.  The exhibit, titled “Becoming”, represents a huge milestone for me personally beyond any of the artistic triumph of being asked to do a solo show at all and in Manhattan no less.  The 16 paintings that will be on display reveal the personal journey I have taken over the last ten years.  As a new young mother, I used my studio as an escape, I painted only for myself as a way to maintain my identity.  My entire goal was just not to quit.  Despite the sleepless nights and unpredictable days I continued to find time to paint, drawing inspiration from my journal thoughts and personal experience.  Now that life has settled into a rhythm and I am able to fill more of my days with painting I am amazed at what I have actually accomplished.  The timing of this show could not have worked out more perfectly if I had written the script myself.  On August 27 I will get my boys ready for the first day of school, sending my youngest off to his first day of first grade.  At the same time my paintings will be carried into the gallery space at St. Peter’s to be installed for the show.  In one morning I will have crossed both a finish line and a starting line, still devoted to my children but ready to begin a new chapter of my life and art.

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