Family History


“Guardian”  oil on canvas  36″x 48″

I’ve worked for years on a long series of motherhood paintings, all addressing my experience with pregnancy and life at home as a mother.  My two sons are getting older now and I often reflect on the journey I’ve taken, the things I’ve collected along the way, and how both define who I am today.

As I rediscover mementos from my own past, collect souvenirs and pack away the things my children have outgrown I realize that our possessions can define certain moments in our lives.  What we chose to own and treasure says a lot about our personalities and what we value.

In my home, I have and use many things that link me to the past and represent the women in my family who have influenced who I am.  In this first of a new series of paintings I celebrate the many exceptional qualities of women and want to honor their beauty, strength, and femininity.