Celebrating Spring!

The Gift, 32x48", Oil on Canvas

I celebrated a birthday over the weekend and was thinking about this painting, “The Gift”.  This time of year is perfect for a little celebrating.  It marks the beginning of spring, and the color seems to creep back into the world and back into my paintings.  I feel renewed, re-energized, and most importantly happy!

The Escape


I got away this past weekend and came back a new person.  While I was looking forward to catching up with old friends, as last Friday got closer I became more frustrated with the idea of leaving for a few days.  My to do list was a mile long and I was beginning to resent that my painting time was being cut into by worries that not everyone had enough clean socks to pack.  Admittedly though, the farther north we drove, the more delicious the sweet abandonment of responsibility tasted.  Then a funny thing happened, in the middle of nowhere Vermont my thoughts became clearer and my decisions simpler.  By the time Tuesday rolled around and we were settling back into our normal routines things felt calmer.  I had benefitted from the fresh air and the fresh perspective.  My to do list was less intimidating.  The ideas I had for a new series of paintings were easier to articulate.  I felt renewed and more enthusiastic than ever about the work ahead.

Art Imitates Life

I’m not sure sometimes whether it’s art that imitates life or life that imitates art but sometimes my need for stillness and quiet is reflected in my painting.  Sure, there are times to jump right into things and be part of the noise but other times I crave time alone to contemplate my art and my life.
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