Bound, 27x40", Oil on Canvas

The inspiration for “Bound” came from a comment a friend made while we were both pregnant for the first time. We had known each other since our husbands were still just college boyfriends and now found ourselves becoming new young families. We had both worn white dresses and danced at big receptions but that all seemed so frivolous compared to the bond now being created between husband and wife. My husband, this baby, and I would forever be bound together.


Ferocious, 36x28", Oil on Canvas

“Ferocious” is another painting whose title has two meanings. The first refers to my son at this age, his love for these scary, carnivorous dinosaurs and his desire to be tough and ferocious despite still being a snuggly little boy. Secondly, I was overwhelmed by the ferocity of my love for him. It was a love whose intensity I didn’t expect before I was a mother.


Wonder, 32x42", Oil on Canvas

The title of this painting, “Wonder”, refers to both the amazing experience of pregnancy and all of the questions and worries I had at this time. I already had one child and knew that very soon life would be a sleepless juggling act. Would I be able to handle the challenge? I was anxious to find out who would soon be joining our family and how our lives would change.

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