Welcome to my  website!  This site will give you a chance to get a glimpse inside my studio and follow the process I go through with each painting.  The site is now more interactive and I will be sharing my thoughts and writing about art along with my work.  If you are new to art, I hope my experiences will encourage you to keep discovering.  If you are a gallery owner or art collector, I hope this provides a good introduction to my work.  If you are an artist like me, I hope you enjoy the camaraderie and honesty I bring to this site.  All I ask of all of you is to feel free to share your thoughts and enjoy!

Principle Gallery, Charleston

The following work is available now through Principle Gallery, Charleston. Please direct any inquiries to the gallery by emailing art@principlecharleston.com or calling 843-727-4500. Thank you!

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Summer On My Mind

As I write this, my outdoor thermometer hovers way below freezing. Despite this chilling fact, I rea[...]

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Inside Daryl Zang’s Studio – The video

I had the honor of being one of Ty Stuyvesant’s subjects for a documentary project about artis[...]

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The painting “Attitude” came about kind of unexpectedly. As I held this beautifully refl[...]

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Most artists are familiar with solitude.  We spend hour after hour at our easels alone.  I think t[...]

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I’ve been asked many times why I paint self-portraits.  The truth is that it kind of happened[...]

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“Cared For”

“Cared For” is one of the last paintings I completed in 2012.  I can clearly remember t[...]

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