Welcome to my  website!  This site will give you a chance to get a glimpse inside my studio and follow the process I go through with each painting.  The site is now more interactive and I will be sharing my thoughts and writing about art along with my work.  If you are new to art, I hope my experiences will encourage you to keep discovering.  If you are a gallery owner or art collector, I hope this provides a good introduction to my work.  If you are an artist like me, I hope you enjoy the camaraderie and honesty I bring to this site.  All I ask of all of you is to feel free to share your thoughts and enjoy!

“Contemporary Still Life” at Cavalier Gallery

  (Work by Daryl Zang at center and right)   I currently have work hanging in Cavalier Gallery’s “Contemporary Still Life” exhibition in New York. “January Thaw” and “The Arrangement” can be viewed until April 28, 2017 at 3 West 57th Street, 4th floor, NY. This show highlights the work of some of today’s leading […]

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Principle Gallery, Charleston

The following work is available now through Principle Gallery, Charleston. Please direct any inquiri[...]

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Summer On My Mind

As I write this, my outdoor thermometer hovers way below freezing. Despite this chilling fact, I rea[...]

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Inside Daryl Zang’s Studio – The video

I had the honor of being one of Ty Stuyvesant’s subjects for a documentary project about artis[...]

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The painting “Attitude” came about kind of unexpectedly. As I held this beautifully refl[...]

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Most artists are familiar with solitude.  We spend hour after hour at our easels alone.  I think t[...]

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I’ve been asked many times why I paint self-portraits.  The truth is that it kind of happened[...]

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